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LoBsterCon XXII - Tickets News

First Batch of Packages - On Sale 14th February!

So time marches on and we're closing in on the next LoBsterCon, and after the success of XXI - Key to the Door, comes XXII - Two Little Meeples (Friday 29th April to Monday 2nd May 2022).

We plan to release for sale:

  • Single Room Packages

  • multi-occupancy Double Room Packages

  • multi-occupancy Twin Room Packages

on the 14th February at noon UK time.

The perfect Valentine's Gift perhaps?

As for the event itself, so far we plan to stick to the COVID-related limitations and requirements from last time, including restrictions on numbers and especially Weekend Gaming Passes.

But there are plans afoot to expand capacity and return to a more normal programme of events, should matters continue to improve and we sincerely hope they will. As previously mentioned these include, for the first time, gaming in the upstairs Dining Room...

We look forward to seeing you all in April/May and, as always, comments, suggestions & questions are welcome. And don't forget we're looking for some help...

Watch out here for more news,

Alex & Chris

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