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Open Gaming

Play Some Games

It's what we're all here for - to sit down with friendly people and focus intently on small pieces of cardboard. So, where and when can you do it?

With one exception (see below) LoBsterCon is the only event taking place at the hotel - everyone around you will be a fellow gamer. From midday on Friday until midday on Monday - you will be able to sit down and play games in the following places:

Downstairs, Main Gaming Area:

Midday Friday - Midday Monday.

With lots of space and lots of big tables, this is the best place for gaming and is available throughout the con.

Monday: The next users of the hotel will be arriving on Monday. Only the downstairs area is available for gaming. Everyone must have completely vacated downstairs by 1pm on Monday, taking any rubbish with them. It is OK to leave the tables and chairs, as the hotel will put them away.


Gaming Library: The gaming library is stored next to the main gaming area. This will feature the games from the LoBsterCon library and all of the games that your lovely fellow gamers have brought to share. You can find the list of library games here, and our geeklists of what people are bringing here (both links to BGG).

Upstairs, Dining Room:

Midday Friday - 11pm Friday

10am Saturday - 11pm Saturday

10am Sunday - 11pm Sunday

Most of the dining room will be available for gaming most of the time. Space, big tables and daylight.

Evenings: The dining room will be closed each evening so that the room can be set up for breakfast the next day. All games in the dining room must be finished and packed away by 11pm each evening.

Monday: No gaming space is available upstairs on Monday.

Upstairs, Derwent Room:

Midday Friday - Late Sunday

The Derwent is a small room upstairs, often prefered by gamers looking to play quieter, thinkier games - away from the general hubbub.

Monday: No gaming space is available upstairs on Monday.

Upstairs, Bar Area & Conservatory:

Midday Friday - Late Sunday

Though not as well equipped for gaming as other areas, table-wise - these areas are available to us from Friday to Sunday.

Monday: No gaming space is available upstairs on Monday.

Upstairs, Coniston Room

Not Available for General Gaming

The Conniston Room will be used for events and will be open to the general public for lunch on Sunday. It is not available for general gaming.

Arrange a Game

In practice, most games are arranged in person - perhaps over breakfast, or in the library after a lengthy game of 'What game shall we play?'

However, if you want to arrange something in advance - try our Geeklists on Board Game Geek; the latest will be up in advance of tickets going on sale.

Additionally you could join our WhatsApp community and use that to set up games and groups with other players.

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