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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about how to join us at LoBsterCon or what to expect, then you can always contact us. However, we have collected the answers to previously asked questions below - so do check here first.

FAQs General


What is LoBsterCon?

Lobstercon is a volunteer-run board game convention held bi-annually. It is first and forecast a gaming convention.

Where is LoBsterCon?
LoBsterCon is held in the Cumberland Hotel, on the seafront in Eastbourne. Google maps link.

When is it held?

Lobstercon is held twice a year, typically on the May bank holiday and in early November. You can find upcoming dates on the homepage of this site.

How long does it last?

LoBsterCon starts at Friday midday and runs until Monday lunchtime.

How much does it cost?

A variety of packages are available ranging from day tickets to full weekend accommodation plus gaming pass. Packages and prices can be found on the shop page - in the run-up to each event (typically six weeks before).

How many people attend?

Typically 150-180 people attend over the course of the weekend.

Who organises Lobstercon?

Lobstercon is non-profit and run entirely by unpaid volunteers.


What packages/rooms are available?

The hotel has single, twin and double rooms with twin rooms being the most numerous. The standard package is 2 nights stay in the hotel including buffet breakfast and a gaming pass for the weekend. You can book an additional night’s stay as an add-ons. For example, if you want to come for 3 nights then you should buy the appropriate room package and add on the ‘Extra night per person’ item per person included in the package.

You can buy packages to stay for just the Friday and Saturday nights or for Saturday and Sunday nights, then add an extra night person at once or at a later date when you know your plans (for Thursday, Friday, or Sunday night) using the +1 Extra Night items in the shop).

The single rooms and double & twin rooms for double occupancy go on sale first, followed by the double & twin rooms for single occupancy a week later.

How do I book a place?

You can book places on the shop page - in the run-up to each event (typically six weeks before). Anyone who has signed up to this site or has contacted us in the past (and hasn't un-subscribed) will be contacted when tickets go on sale.

What does it cost?

Prices for LoBsterCon will be published on the shop page

The room type I wanted sold out, what do I do?

The single and double rooms tend to sell out extremely quickly as they are limited in number. The twin rooms take longer to sell out so you can usually get one if you are reasonably prompt in booking. Please remember that twin rooms for single occupancy go on sale a week or so after the initial round of room sales.

If all the rooms have sold out but gaming passes are available then you can buy a gaming pass and find nearby accommodation in one of the other local hotels.

Is preference given to anyone on room bookings?

No. There is no hidden queue or priority system. The only exception is that the organisers will reserve some rooms for themselves to stay in. All other rooms are on a first-come-first-serve basis via the website shop.

I want to book a double / twin room for double occupancy but only the single occupancy package is available, what do I do?

The twin & double rooms for dual occupancy go on sale with the initial round of ticket sales. This is to ensure that we can make the most efficient use of the limited space available to us. In the second round we make the remaining twin & double rooms available for single occupancy.


Unfortunately due to website limitations we have to remove the package for dual occupancy when the single occupancy package goes on sale. This does not mean that these options are no longer

available, just add a single occupancy package to your cart and a "+1 Extra Night per Person" item too, give us the name of the extra person and we'll sort you out. 

NB, if you wish to add nights to your stay beyond the first 2 included in your package, then please also add one "+1 Extra Night per Person" item per person to your cart.

Can I come if I live locally?

Yes. Full weekend and individual day game-passes are made available for sale closer to the event. There will be a limited number of these available - up to the full occupancy of the venue.

Can I come for one night only?
All residential packages are for a minimum of 2 nights.

How do I change my booking?
If you need to make a change to your booking you can e-mail Changes such as adding additional nights will be accommodated where possible based on availability of the hotel. If you need to amend your booking, we cannot guarantee we can accommodate, as bookings create a commitment to the hotel. However, if you do make a mistake or need a change, the sooner you contact us the more likely we can accommodate it without incurring any additional cost to you.

Can I get a refund?
We are not able to offer refunds as your bookings create a commitment to the hotel. We may be able to facilitate re-selling your room but this will be on a case-by-case basis.

Can I turn up on the day and pay cash?

We do not accept cash and we do not sell on-the-door tickets. All tickets must be purchased on the website before you arrive.

Leading-Up to the Con

How can I get information about the con?

Aside from this website and occasional e-mails the primary means of communication for the con is WhatsApp. We recommend you join this to get announcement updates and chat to other attendees.

What can I expect?
The con is a board game convention focused on the gaming. You can expect 100+ board game enthusiasts and a range of games from light trick-taking to heavy euros, and everything in between.

Can I arrange a game in advance?

Most games are arranged at the Con - however, the official geeklist for the current event (link to boardgamegeek) is a good place to discuss what you're bringing and what you would like to play.

What organised events are there?
A few voluntary events are run during the weekend and may vary from con to con. One of the main-events is the raffle, where attendees have a chance of winning a board game (see below). Another mainstay event is the Dutch auction, where attendees can buy and sell games.


Other events held in the past include competitions, tournaments, party games and social deduction games but these vary from con to con. To see what is being held at the next con check the What's going on? section of the homepage.

How does the raffle work?
Attendees who bought a hotel package or a weekend gaming-pass are automatically entered into the raffle. During the raffle, names are drawn one at a time, with each person drawn choosing a game from the available board game prizes. The prizes will be on display during the weekend.

Please note the purchase of a day pass does not include an entry into the raffle.

Are there any competitions?
We have had competitions and tournaments in the past. We are open to the idea, but competitions require organisation and planning. If you would like to organise a competition or tournament please do get in touch to discuss.

Can I help with the con organisation/setup/running?
The con is run by unpaid volunteers so offers of help are appreciated. The most common way to help out is to cover reception for a couple of hours during the con. Reception primarily consists of handing out name badges to people, ticking people who arrive off the guest list and a couple of other bits.

Another area where people can help out is running events. Examples include the Dutch auction and party games such as Blood on the Clocktower.

As a small thank you to anyone who helps out, we put their name in the raffle a second time (maximum 1 prize though!)

During the Con


How can I get information about the con?

Aside from this website and occasional e-mails the primary means of communication for the con is WhatsApp. We recommend you join this to get announcement updates and chat to other attendees.

What is expected of me during the con?
Have a good time, be kind and courteous to your fellow gamers and the hotel staff.

What do I need to do when I arrive?
You will need to check in at the con reception desk. The reception desk will be manned during peak-periods (at less busy times there will be a phone number to call for the on-duty volunteer organiser), you will be given a lanyard and a badge to write you name on and we will check you in so we know who has arrived and when.


If you are staying at the hotel you will need to, separately, check in at hotel reception to get your room key.

If you are coming just for the day and haven’t paid yet you will need to pay as well. We are now operating on a cashless basis, so you will need to buy your ticket through the store on this site and show your proof of purchase at the desk.

Can I bring in outside food or drink in the hotel?

No, one of the rules of the con is you cannot buy food/drink outside and consume it in the public areas. This is part of our agreement with the hotel. You may bring in food/drink and consume it in your room.

Who provides the games?
You do! Or more specifically attendees will bring their own games to play and share with others (in additon to a small standing library).

There is a designated area for people to leave their games during the con. By leaving your games in this area you are making them available for others to play. If you have a game or games that you do not want played by others, please keep them in your room.

How carefully should I treat the games?
These are other people’s possessions so treat them as well (if not better) than you would your own. In particular do not bend cards, rule books or other components, riffle shuffle or anything else that may damage the components. Everyone benefits from the sharing of each other’s games, so please treat them with respect.

How do I get into a game?
If you are looking for others to play a game with then find similarly unengaged people and ask. A good place to hang out is by the game library, as people are regularly coming and going as games start and finish.

You can also find people in the WhatsApp group. There is a Setup A Game channel you can freely join.

What if I have a problem with my hotel room/food order?
If it is a problem with the hotel itself then please raise your issue, politely, with the hotel staff. Only if the problem does not get resolved, speak to an organiser.

What if I want to speak to an organiser about something?
During the con there will an on-duty organiser at all times. They are available for questions and to deal with issues. A schedule will be published ahead of the con with a photo of each organiser and when they are on duty. They will also have a high-vis vest on. If you can’t immediately find them then you can call the bat-phone on 07511 537 440.

Please do not disturb other organisers, even if you know one by sight and you know where they are. The organisers are all unpaid volunteers and want to enjoy the con themselves so please respect their free time and contact the on-duty organiser only.

What do I need to do when I leave?
- If staying at the hotel you will need to check out at the hotel reception desk and any tab.

- For the con itself, please return your lanyard to the con reception desk.

- If you have brought any games, please take them with you - ensuring that you take your copy, not someone else's.

What other rules do I need to be aware of?

- Half of the upstairs dining room is used for breakfast in the morning. All games/bags/anything else must be removed from this area overnight

- Bags must not block the passages between tables or any fire doors

- Do not take up more than one table at peak times, unless the game is for a significant number of players (6 or more). Friday and Saturday are peaks times so please be mindful of the amount of table space you take up relative to the number of players. When combining tables at quieter times you must return the tables/chairs to their original configuration before you pack up

- Do not open any fire doors. Thieves have been known to get into the hotel through open fire doors so please keep them closed at all times

- If you bring a dog it is only allowed in your room and the bar area. Dogs are not allowed in the gaming rooms as some people are allergic/not comfortable with dogs

Other questions

I have a game/event/something I want to advertise. Can you e-mail your attendees about it?
No. To keep the number of e-mails we sent to our attendees to a reasonable level we can’t help with this, sorry.

I have a game I want to advertise/playtest. Can you provide me with a space/ticket during the con?
No. You are welcome to buy a ticket and come to the con as a regular attendee, and find people to play your game with - but this is a gaming event, not a sales or promotional event.

If I have a day ticket for Sunday can I come on Monday?


I have a question not answered here. Who do I ask?
Please send an e-mail to

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