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The Cumberland Hotel

Our venue from 2016 to 2021, the Cumberland Hotel is a classic English seaside hotel. What it lacks in the most modern of facilities it more than makes up for in charm and the warmth of the helpful staff.

We have exclusive access to the venue through the event, so you can make yourselves at home.

If the hotel is full or you’re looking for an alternative in the area, please do help us out by using one of these links.

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Booking rooms during our event is exclusively through this site.


The Cumberland Hotel

34-36 Grand Parade


BN21 3YT

Tel: 01323 730 342

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Gift Box


Packages include, per person: one Four-Day Gaming Pass, hotel accommodation (bed and breakfast) for 2 nights and one entry into our famous Raffle.

Twin and Double Rooms will be made available initially for two people booking together. Single rooms will also be available at that time.

Single occupancy of Twin or Double Rooms will be available later in the booking period, subject to availability.

A Third Night add-on will be available for those wishing to stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Some rooms may be available for the night of Thursday 4th November.

If you have specific room requirements or preferences please include details on the booking form, we cannot undertake to fulfil your requests but we will try.

If you have specific medical or assistance needs please provide details on your booking form or contact us directly quoting your order number.

Gaming Passes

Day passes will be available on the door. They do not include an entry in the Raffle.

Four-Day Gaming Passes, which include a Raffle entry, will be available in advance once the hotel packages are sold out.

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The BGG list of our small but growing library of games can be found here.

There will as always be a huge library of games brought by you wonderful LoBsters for all to share and respectfully enjoy.

Chris Marling’s snappily titled "LoBsterCon XXI - Requests and what you're bringing along" BGG Geeklist will be up here once tickets go on sale, along with links to past geeklists for nostalgia and inspiration.

London On Board

LoBsterCon began life as a getaway weekend for members of London On Board (hence the LoBster in LoBsterCon). 


LoB is London’s, the UK’s (and probably the world’s) biggest board games club. With close to 15,000 members on Meetup and its own helpful and informative website, you can find board games to play and events to attend in central London almost every evening during the week and all day at the weekends.

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Given sufficient notice, if you are unable to attend, we will always attempt to resell your hotel room on your behalf.


Gaming Pass refunds are not generally possible and package refunds are not guaranteed (and subject to deduction of fees and expenses incurred).