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We Need Help and so do you...

Be our face and help us deal better with your questions.

LoBsterCon is immense fun for all and sometimes just a bit stressful for the orgs and those who help out making this thing happen.

Chris and I have agreed that we need some help in organising LoBsterCon, and in a specific area, so if this sounds like you and you have the time patience and energy, please get in touch.


Customer Service Contact - This person will be responsible for fielding and answering the many questions we get from LoBsters and others, creating FAQ's and directing questions onwards.

Generally the bulk of this work takes place in the leadup to LoBsterCon each year after tickets go on sale, but there is always a trickle of enquiries to be handled.

If you are a patient, calm and organised person (firstly well done you've won the game of life) please get in touch and we can discuss further.

As always one love,


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