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LoBsterCon XXII News

LoBsterCon XXI is Over!

Long Live LoBsterCon XXII!

All round, despite the odd hiccup and a last minute panic for the Orgs, LoBsterCon XXI felt like a great success in tough circumstances. Thanks to everyone who helped out, the hotel staff and all who attended. It was a joy to see you all and we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Here's hoping LoBsterCon XXII is even better, and so to the facts we know for sure:

  • The dates will be Friday 29th April to Monday 2nd May.

  • It will take place at the Cumberland again. The survey made plain to us that moving the event in Eastbourne now would be less effective that finding a new resort (be it Bournemouth or elsewhere) at some point in the future.

  • The Cumberland have offered us expanded gaming space in the Dining Room and the Conservatory.

    • This gives us all more options of spaces to play than ever and, COVID permitting, could allow more people than ever to attend (without getting uncomfortably overcrowded).

  • We are exploring options to get a deal for rooms at a nearby hotel thereby also increasing accommodation capacity and options. Our hope is that for LoBsterCon XXII noone who wants to come will miss out (again COVID permitting).

  • Packages will go on sale in the New Year at a date to be confirmed and Day & Gaming Passes will be an option once again (subject to making our minimum capacity in the hotel).

Wishing you all a very Merry Hogswatch / Holidays / Christmas / Saturnalia / Winter Solstice / Kwanza / Yule / Hanukkah / Xmas et al

Alex & Chris

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