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The Geeklist is Live

Finally Chris has created the list..., the Library grew and using the app to arrange games...

In the grand tradition, the snappily titled "LoBsterCon XXII - Requests and what you're bringing along", is up on BGG.

You can use it to let people know what you're bringing to LoBsterCon, what you'd like others to bring and generally chat about the games and their virtues and faults. We don't need to remind you to try to be nice to each other....

We've added more games to the Library, including contributions from our much missed friend Lynne Mackie (more on that in another post), so that may influence your decisions about what to bring or request.

Finally we're working on improving the app and website experience this time, sowhy not check out the forums, your member area and the chat facility to see what's there and how it works...

Less than a month to go, how exctiting :)

Watch out here for more news,

Alex & Chris

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