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LoBsterCon XXIII - Updates

LoBsterCon XXIII - Updates

Not long now before we see each other, so a few updates for you including discount and free delivery code from our sponsor Meeples Corner So first that code which gives you a 5% discount on Christoph's very reasonable prices as well as free delivery to LoBsterCon. WF6ZB2TC (some of you may have had an issue with the code, but it is fully working now). Events this time are: Dutch Auction - Bar Area upstairs - 8pm on Friday

Mass Party Games - Bar Area upstairs - 9pm on Friday Blood on the Clocktower - Conniston Room - 12pm-5pm on Saturday Raffle - Downstairs - 10pm on Saturday Secondly after many requests Chris has set up the Geeklist, we look forward to seeing what you're all bringing. Lots of updates on the website thanks to Adam our new organiser, including information about which rooms are free for gaming on which days and at what times. So thanks to him and to Mike who has been helping enormously with all your booking queries. See you all in a couple of weeks, and don't hesitate to contact the team if you have any questions. One Love, Alex, Adam & Chris

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