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LoBsterCon XXVII

Friday 1st to Monday 4th November 2024

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LoBsterCon is a board gaming convention held twice a year in Eastbourne.  Once in Spring and once in late Autumn.

Our next event:

LoBsterCon XXVII - [tbc] will take place from Friday 1st November 2024 to Monday 4th November 2024 at the Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne.


Future Cons:

LoBsterCon XXVIII - [tbc] scheduled to take place from Friday 2nd May 2025 to Monday 5th May 2025 at the Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne.

LoBsterCon XXIX - [tbc] scheduled to take place from Friday 31st October to Monday 3rd November 2025 at the Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne.

Packages and gaming passes for our events will be released around two months in advance of the event. Single-occupancy twin and double rooms will go on sale on a week after the initial release for people sharing those types of room.

What’s Goin’ On?

A selection of our regular activities

LoBsterCon XVI Never Been Kissed - 20181

Official open gaming runs from Friday Midday through to Monday Midday


Everyone with a weekend-pass is entered into the raffle - for a chance to win exciting games... or Scandaroon.

Saturday 10pm.

Downstairs. Main Gaming Area.


Bring the games from your shelf of shame or the Kickstarter that doesn’t suit your tastes and monetise them.

Friday 8pm.

Upstairs. Bar Area.

Social Gaming.jpg

Social Games

Two big teams, mime, quizzing, laughter and silliness.  All hosted by Becky. 

Friday 9.30pm.

Upstairs. Bar Area.

Organisers and Volunteering

LoBsterCon is organised by your fellow gamers. We do it because we enjoy the con; we want it to keep happening and to be fun for everyone - including us.

If you need anything or have any questions, one of the organisers will be on-duty between 9am and midnight each day - just look for the hi-vis vest or call 07511 537 440. If we're not wearing the vest - and particularly if we're in the middle of a game - we would really appreciate it if you ask the vest-wearer instead.


Volunteers are always needed to watch the Welcome Desk and to help with the Dutch Auction. Any attendee who volunteers at least two hours of their time gets one additional entry into the raffle. If you are able to offer any time, please e-mail - with the subject-line 'Volunteering'.

Fun for All

By attending LoBsterCon - and particularly by sitting down with a group to play a game - you accept a degree of responsibility for the well-being of those around you.

- Don't be rude, don't be aggressive and don't harrass people.

Anyone doing so will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.

- If you start a game, play it to the end.

- Be considerate of the pace of the table. If your turn consistently takes longer than everyone else's turn put together, that's not fair to everyone else.

- Respect the games, including rulebooks and boxes. Be particularly careful with food and drink around them.

Please report any unacceptable behaviour to the on-duty organiser. the Sea

Eastbourne is a quintessentially English seaside town, with lots to see and do besides the board games (if you like that sort of thing).

There are great value restaurants, pubs and bars including LoBsterCon staple, the Fusciardi Ice Cream Parlour. And for a bit of exercise, head to the beautifully restored pier - or take a great walk up to Beachy Head.

Plus, at our spring event, you might get the to play croquet at the world famous Compton Croquet Club, play games on the beach or get involved in other outdoor activities..

Specials: LoBsterCon XXV

One-off Events


Blood on the Clocktower


Rapidly heading to a being a regular.  Nathan returns with his popular BotC sessions.  This time after dark....

Saturday (7pm til late, with a Raffle pause). 

Upstairs. Coniston Room

LoBsterCon XVI Never Been Kissed - 20181

Newbie Sessions


New to LoBsterCon?  Want to meet some fellow newbies and learn some games?

Alec (and Alex) will host sessions

Friday 9am-3pm and Saturday 9am-12pm

Upstairs. Coniston Room

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