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Before LoBsterCon - A Message to All Guests

Things to Remember and Things to Help You Enjoy LoBsterCon

Before You Arrive The hotel has asked that everyone take a Lateral Flow Test before leaving for LoBsterCon, which we think is a very sensible precaution. The famous Geeklist, where you can arrange games in advance, tell people what you're bringing and ask other people to bring games, is on BoardGameGeek and this is the link Please message us to volunteer to cover the Welcome Desk at some point over the weekend, even an hour would help:

  • There will be a table by the Welcome Desk for you to game at with friends and you will have our eternal thanks.

  • If you sign up ahead of the event for a two-hour stint or more, we will add your name to the raffle draw a second time, microscopically increasing your chances of winning a prize.

On Arrival You will be required to show your proof of Double Vaccination or your first negative Lateral Flow Test:

  • Double Vaccination - you will recieve your sheaf of daily colour coded inserts. Please put your name on all of them before leaving registration.

  • Lateral Flow Test - you will need to contact the Welcome Desk each day, before you start gaming, to provide proof of a negative result from that dayand recieve your Lanyard insert for the day.

If there is a problem with your hotel booking, please contact the organisers, either through the website chat or by email or on the LoBsterPhone (+44 7511 537 440). During the Weekend Please more than ever before observe the rule that you must wear your lanyard at all times. If you sign up as a "member" of this website you will get access to live member chat and the Forums which are:

  • General Announcements - about the event.

  • Questions and FAQ - somewhere to ask questions and read answers from the Orgs and others.

  • Schedule a Game - a place to set up, advertise and discuss games throughout the weekend.

The forum and chat are also available in convenient app form via this link Raffle results will be announced each morning on the General Announcements forum:

  • Each winner will have an exclusive window of opportunity to pick their prize which will be part of the published list.

  • Pick up your prize from the Welcome Desk when it is open or from the Organisers when it is not.

On Monday On Monday we will have access to the Ballroom downstairs only, so please ensure your luggage is in the designated area there, rather than the Derwent as in previous years.

See you all in a few days!! Alex & Chris (LoBsterCon Orgs)

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